A humble request to Mumbai local train groups

A humble request to Mumbai local train groups


India is a secular as well as peculiar country. In this, Mumbai is one of the lands for hardworking, intelligent and highly-spirited crowds. Here every one is busy struggling for their life. And Local train is the life-line of this Mumbai. I have been told that, everyday it carries more than 7.5 million commuters! Most of the people almost use the same train and even the same compartment & seat for their travel on daily basis. Considering this fact, you won’t be surprised to hear that, a lot of love stories, friendships and relationships bloom in this chaotic local travels. One such thing that developed in-side this local train is; “Local Train Groups”. It is a group of people who use a set of specific seats in a specific compartment of a particular train. All the members in this group make sure that their local train group members get a seat in the train. Now, till this everything sounds good. But wait; there is more twist in the story.  Now, what if a person who does not belongs to this local group, occupies a seat in those compartments? Well, he gets a nightmare of his lifetime in that journey. So, here is my humble request to those local train group members.

Dear Mumbai local train group passengers,

You guys displayed an amazing sense of friendship and bonding in this ever busy city life. You all are very loyal about your friendship and you took all kind of extreme measures to ensure that your friends get the best of the benefits. The famous song, “Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Chodenge” from the movie Sholay becomes your friendship anthem. But unfortunately this spirit of goodness disappears as soon as a stranger enters into this circle.

Friends, if you don’t want to provide a seat to them, then it’s absolutely fine but please don’t outcaste them. Don’t misbehave with them as if they are some kind of rouge elements standing in front of your house and demands your money! It’s a humble request from a fellow passenger to keep a sympathetic and attentive eye on the passengers who were standing for a long time. Here everyone fights for their life and food, please don’t fight for a mere seat. Be calm and conscious towards the human beings.

You group people are behaving like the whole and sole proprietor of the particular place and compartment. You don’t allow any passengers to sit other than your group people. Commuters are traveling from long stations; they pay the same ticket charges what you pay; then why is the difference? India is struggling with the caste difference since long; please don’t add a new barrier of group and non-group community.

We can make a new united India. This would be a beginning let us start from this local groups and spread it through out the world.

Watch the Dadagiri in Mumbai Local Train:

Remember the fight for a destination is always empty.

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