About Us

Ohhoo.in is a platform where we express the emotions; we call it Emopression. Here we put forth our beliefs, our thoughts and our emotions. We understand that your thought process could be different from ours. So, we also want you to share your thoughts with us through comments or through our social media handles.

Why Ohhoo!

Ohhoo! That’s an age old word to express all kind of emotions. This can be used when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are surprised, when you are irritated, when you are apologetic, when you are over joyous, when you are casual and even when you are very formal. So we think this multi-talented word will share the diverse emotions that we are going to present through this website. That’s how the website name came into existence.

So, welcome to our world of emopression and emopress yourself. It’s time to say Ohhoo!