Are Non-Technical person, really Non-Sense people?

Are Non-Technical person, really Non-Sense people?

There is no difference between a Non-Technical and a Non-Sense person!”

Don’t get me wrong, these are not my words. It’s the view point of one of my friend; who is a web designer and web administrator.

On Monday night, I dropped a message to him on whatsapp.

– Hi, how are you?
– Don’t ask…I am frustrated!
– Bro, what happen?

– What to say dude…I need to shift hosting, the older one is expiring. We need to buy a new one otherwise all the related websites will shut-off. Management has given the approval but the process took around 3 months’ time!

Then I called up him. He said, this is happening so because the admin department has lesser technical knowledge. They are not only non-technical but they are also non-sense! And if there is any business problem because of it, they will question our capability. You are good for nothing; you are too slow; you don’t understand the importance of the matter; so many taunts! He was so frustrated. He further added, after years of work; forget about increment; you don’t even get a word of appreciation!

I feel pity for him but at the same time I started pondering his argument about non-technical and non-sense person. And then I wondered aloud;

“what about a non-technical yet sensible person; do they exist?

He has a ready answer for that! You don’t need to look far. See our very own Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. He is not among the highly qualified technical person but he understands the technology much better than the other technical experts. That’s why I consider him as a sensible person.

I think of it further. There is some truth in his words. Look at the way; he revolutionized the Digital Technology in India, within one year of his tenure as Prime Minister.

For more about the Digital Revolution please read the article: My India – Traditional, Digital India or Make in India

His lack of technical know how did not stop him from fulfilling his vision. Rather, like a true entrepreneur, he identified the resources with proper knowledge and progress towards his goal.

He is not a single example of such rare visionary! We have same sort of exemplary persons from the field of Technology, Sociology and even Mythology; they make their dream come true with their seer power of motivation and planning.

I retire to bed with this last thought in mind; “Surely some not-technical yet sensible people lives here in India”.

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