Arjuna Acknowledges the Greatness of Karna

Arjuna Acknowledges the Greatness of Karna


While Karna was acknowledging Arjuna’s warrior skill to Lord Bhishma; Arjuna was fighting silently with his own turbulent mind inside the Pandava camp. Tomorrow, he has to face his greatest rival, Karna. He shared a love-hate relationship with Karna. He loved Karna because he is among few of them who dared to challenge him. At the same time, he hated him the most for his behavior in the dice hall of Kurusabha.

Somebody called him from the back; “Partha”. Without looking back Arjuna knew that, its none other than Krishna, his friend, philosopher, savior and lord. On a usual day, his soothing voice is enough to calm Arjuna’s turbulent mind. But today, that’s not the case. He remains silent for a while. Krishna came up to him and asked in a more subtle voice, “Is there anything that troubling the greatest archer of the earth?” Arjuna, forced a smile and nodded his head in despair. “Partha, is it something to do with your tomorrows fight with Radheya?” Krishna asked with a smile. This time Arjuna responded with a question.

Arjuna – You admire Karna a lot; isn’t it?

Krishna – This is neither the place nor the time to show your jealous side my friend! (Smiles) Radheya…Angaraj Karna is a great warrior and he deserves all that admiration.

Arjuna – That’s true. He is a great warrior. And he is my best rival till date.

Krishna – Are you feeling afraid?

Arjuna – No! But tell me with all honesty Krishna; is he a better warrior than me?

For Arjuna, Krishna is God

According to Arjuna, Krishna is God and God never gives you answer; he wants you to find the answer Krishna smiled in his usual calm style. He sat on the nearby rock and responded to Arjuna’s question in the most philosophical way.

Krishna – What you think Partha?

Arjuna – I have seen him fighting today. He is unstoppable. His skills with archery, reminds me that of Lord Shiva’s; with whom I had an ignorant duel. (He took a pause and then continued). I hate him for what he did at Kurusabha; I hate him for what he did with my child Abhi…but at the same time for some unknown reason I feel empathetic for him. As if, I know he did it all because of what happened with him. Life is very hard on him. What you think Krishna?

Krishna – Yes, his life story is full of tragedies. But he is not the only one who faces such tragedy! It happens with everyone. Life is unfair to all but only you decide how to handle them. It is your action that defines you. He failed to understand this. He used all these problems of his life to create a negative force inside his mind. His action in the Kurusabha is a straight result of such negativity! If only he could have controlled that feeling; he would have been treated as the greatest warrior on earth.

Arjuna was listening to Krishna in the same manner as he listened to him while he delivered the Geeta on the day one of the war!

Krishna – Partha, if you think, warrior means someone who is good with weapons; then yes he is a great warrior. May be better than you! But warrior does not simply mean someone who fights with his enemy. A true warrior should be able to fight with his inner demon also. If you can’t control on his own inner demons; what is the use of killing the external enemies. Radheya, is a great warrior in the battle field but he is very weak when it comes to take control on the demons which resides within him.

Arjuna looked confuse. As he does not know which inner demon Krishna referring to! He continued;

I am talking about “negativity”. Karna could have been a greater warrior only if he could have controlled his negativities.

Arjuna folded his hand with all the humility he possesses and asked a simple question;

Arjuna – Am I worth of calling myself the greatest warrior? I too have my share of negativity in me!

Krishna smiled at his friend’s question.

Krishna – Don’t overburden yourself with such doubts my friend. If you think, you have any negativity in you, burn them now. Tomorrow is the most important day of this battle. You need to establish dharma on this earth. And you can do so only by killing Radheya. Without killing him, you can’t win this war. Tomorrow, the world will witness the two greatest archers fight for their belief. But only the one who follow the righteousness in his heart and in his mind; will win it. You will win it Partha.

The words of Krishna clears Arjuna’s mind. He is ready to face his greatest rival.

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