Cyrus Mistry- Ratan Tata Feud; A war of ideology

Cyrus Mistry- Ratan Tata Feud; A war of ideology


Cyrus Mistry’s removal from the Tata Group’s chairman position and the mudslinging there after, created lots of ripples in the corporate world.

Over the last few days, a lot of analysis has been done by several media persons and as well as by business tycoons to understand the feud in between Mr. Ratan Tata and Mr. Cyrus Mistry. Unlike the other famous business feuds like Ambani brother disputes; it has a little to do about money. Here the major issue is ideologies.

Both Mr. Tata and Mr. Mistry are highly respected for their accomplishments. However, their background makes their way of thinking different from each other. Ratan Tata is a man of principle and does things only he is passionate about. He is more of an entrepreneur than businessmen. On the other hand Cyrus Mistry is a complete businessman. He knows how to grow a business and make it profitable. So, it can be considered as a fight between Passion Vs. Profit.

There are a few ventures started during the tenure of Ratan Tata which are not profitable which includes the famous Nano, the common man’s car. However, the intention and the vision behind this are highly noble. Nano has been introduced in the market with an intention to change the standard of living of a common man. But what to do when such a venture does not generate profit? Any businessmen would like to shut down the operation of such unit. And precisely this is what Cyrus Mistry wanted to do. Many analysts concluded this as a reason behind the fall out among the two tycoons.

But who is right here?

A larger mass supported Mr. Ratan Tata; not because they think profit is unimportant. Of course it is required but if we only talk about profit then we will end up being a gold digger. As JRD Tata once said, “If we had done some of the things that some other groups have done, we would have been twice as big as we are today. But we didn’t, and I would not have it any other way.”

Mr. Mistry is not entirely wrong but it is only the passion towards your dream & vision will take you forward and not the mere profit figures.

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