Don’t kill me; just name me “Nakusha”

Don’t kill me; just name me “Nakusha”

Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name?” But again he never visited Satara district of Maharashtra neither he was aware of this strange Indian obsession of having a male child. In the rural Maharashtra a lot of girls have a common name, “Nakusha”. If you are not a native Maharashtrian, you might be wondering, what’s the big deal in having such a common name! Let me clear your doubts; in Marathi language “Nakusha” means “Unwanted”.

The meaning of Name “Nakusha”

A great name may not add value to the person’s character but a humiliating name definitely affects the attitude of that person. I wonder why such a derogatory name is being used for any girl! I come across some shocking facts when I read more about this naming practice. When a family is blessed with more than one girl; they tend to name the second or the third girl child as “Nakusha”. They believe that if they name the girl child “Nakusha” or “Unwanted”, their almighty will listen to them and their next child will be a boy!

I was aware that, people in this part of the world prefer to have a male child over a girl one. But this is simply outrageous. The superstitious belief is definitely a thing of worry but the more serious concern is the trauma of that girl child; who has been named so! When a girl is named “Nakusha”, it not only lowers the self-esteem of that girl but also makes her feel unwanted in the society. How painful it would have been to live your life with the feeling that, you are unwelcome and unwanted by your own parents!

A few girls do change their names at an older age but a lot of other girls live with this humiliating name throughout their life. Some time back I heard the news that, the local Govt. started an initiative where they have renamed as much as 280 girls with this name. Though, this is a welcome step but can it curb this practice in future? We can only hope for the best.

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