Konark Sun Temple; the 13th century Architectural Wonder

Konark Sun Temple; the 13th century Architectural Wonder

This is Not Konark

Now days this picture is going viral in all the social media websites like Facebook and twitter. It comes with the tag line “The most Amazing rare fact that occurs once in 2000 years in Surya Temple in Konark.”  For your information, this is not Konark. For all my Odiya and Non-odiya friends let me clear one thing, the Konark temple was built in the 13th century. It was not there before 2000 years.

Konark, the origin and the fall

The sun temple at Konark was built by a king from Ganga dynasty in the 13th century. His name was Narsimhadev I; fondly called as Langula Narsimhadev. The temple is an architectural wonder. It has been designed in the shape of a chariot having 12 pairs of wheels. The beautiful lion and elephant statues, the erotic carvings, the giant chariot wheels; every sculpture of this temple has a unique story to tell. No doubt when the novel laureate Ravindranath Tagore visited it; he quoted;

Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man.

Wheel of Konark Sun Temple

Today if you visit Konark; you can see that there is no main sanctum with any statute of Sun god. Neither will you find any entrance to get into the centre hall of the temple. The door is closed, as you can see the picture. There are several stories and rumours that are surrounded with the current condition of the temple; but none verified! Some says the invasion of Kala Pahada in 1568 is the reason behind it whereas some other mentions the possibility of an earthquake or thunderbolt as the reason for the collapse of main sanctum of the temple.

The Myths and Stories surrounding the Sun Temple

My Mom told me that it took 12 years and 12,000 architectures to build the Konark. By the end of 12th year, the architectures’ were unable to give it a final touch by putting the crown on top of the temple. So the king has ordered that if it won’t be accomplished in next 3 days then all the architectures will get the death punishment. All the workers were worried about it and couldn’t get any solution, at the same time Dharmapada who is the son of Bisu Maharana the head artist among all the architectures came to their rescue. He installed the crown at the top. As he didn’t want to let his father and his co-workers down, so he jumped from the temple into the sea.

After that incident, people have numerous stories like after that incident the main door got closed automatically, as it became desecrated (Apavitra). Yes, it will be the only temple of its kind where people don’t do the normal rituals like lighting the diyas and prayers.

Tourist Information

It will take hardly 1.5 to 2 hours for you to reach at Konark by a car from the capital city of Odisha. You can easily get a local bus too. The highway connects the Konark, Puri and Bhubaneshwar creating a virtual triangle. It’s popularly called as Golden Triangle. During my last visit to Bhubaneshwar, we explored a few places including Konark. The other nearby places are Kakatpur Mangala, Puri Jagannth temple, Ramchandi and Chandrabhaga.

It is one of the must visit tourist places of Odisha.

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