My India – Traditional, Digital India or Make in India

My India – Traditional, Digital India or Make in India

For the Indians, tradition and culture are very much a part of our own existence. We are a country that stands tall with all its pride because of its tradition. Our clothes, our food, our music, our rituals and every other thing that we follow symbolizes that we are still very much traditional from our heart. Our values form our core character.

The drawback of my traditional India is; we never adopt things very fast. People here still believe on the mouth publicity and public opinion. It is difficult to predict; if people will accept the life style that is full of technology; because we are busy struggling with our routine life.

But the times are changing. India is growing. We are slowly moving towards modernism. Yes, we are very much emotional, traditional and have a strong faith in everything but at the same time we are ready accept the modernization. We understand that being modern or accepting the changes does not necessarily mean the rejection of our culture.

The Digital India & Make in India Initiative

PM Narendra Modi took challenge to make India a Digital Country; even though he is pretty much aware of the drawbacks of traditional India. The Digital India Initiative is taken by the current Government so called Modi Government on July 2015. The dream behind PM Narendra Modi is to make the Government and Industrial services to available to the common Indian citizens through the computer and electronic technology by creating online infrastructure.

The major plan behind the Digital India initiative is to connect with the rural areas through high speed internet connections. It will help in forming efficient governance system, delivering ministry and industrial services digitally, improve the digital literacy etc.

The intention behind Make in India

Digital India encompasses broadband highways, mobile connectivity, governance, e-delivery of services, information availability, manufacturing, job opportunities, public access to internet and short-term goals such as common Wi-Fi access, biometric attendance system and e-books for schools.

PM Narendra Modi is looking for external support for the Digital India program. There is a thin line between the concepts of Digital India and Make in India. Digital India encourages all to have their online presence where as the Make in India concept encourages all companies to manufacture their products in our Country. Job creation and skill enhancement are the two major objectives behind the initiative. The initiative covers 25 different sectors of economy. The prominent sectors are automobiles, aviation, bio-technology, chemicals, design, electronics, hospitality, IT, leather, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals, ports, railways, renewable energy, textiles, tourism and wellness.

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