Raakshas, a peek into the psyche of a serial killer

Raakshas, a peek into the psyche of a serial killer

Raakshas by Piyush Jha is an unexpected addition to my book collection. I don’t know why I picked up this book from Crossword Bookstore. The crime books are not my favorite ones and that too where a criminal is getting the whole limelight; I was not at all interested. But nevertheless I bought this book. But when I finished reading Raakshas; there was no regret from my part. In fact, I was looking forward to get my hands on the other 3 books of Piyush Jha; “Compass Box Killer”, “Mumbaistaan” and “Anti-Social Network”.

Good Points about “Raakshas”

Raakshas, India’s No.1 Serial Killer; is the story of a serial killer and the making of that serial killer! Most of the writers while glorifying a grey character uses few tricks which make the reader sympathize towards the villain; but not Piyush Jha. As a reader, I too sympathize with the lead character while reading his troubled childhood part. But in the second part when the serial killer started killing others; I started hating him! The author deserves a pat on his back for the way he handled the psychic of the serial killer. The other lead character of the book is a lady police officer; who is not only fighting with the insane serial killer but also has to fight back her own personal demon from a guilt-ridden past.

Better and Best things of the Book

The chase game between the police and the serial killer is beautifully crafted. Though, I hate revealing the story in my reviews but there is one part that I should mention here. In a particular sequence, the serial killer has decided to turn into a good guy. But the saintly feeling did not last long as his ego is being badly bruised by some trolls in Social Media and by the irresponsible statement by the investigating officer. I loved this section as it reestablishes my belief that the trolling in the social media will serve no good to anyone.

While reading about serial killer, there is no doubt that the reader is going to witness a lot of nasty and violent scenes. Though I find them brutal, I think the violence sequences are highly required to establish the credential of the “Mundi-Cut Killer”. But Piyush Jha claims that he minimizes the violence and“The Truth is always gorier than fiction”. Well, I don’t disagree with him. Towards the climax, the story takes a different pace but the author gets all credit for handling it well without loosing the grip. The bonus part of the book where he has mentioned some lesser known serial killers of India; is gruesome.

My Review

The overall narrative is very gripping and keeps the reader on the edge of the seat till the last page. No wonder, they want to make a motion picture on it. All good, except a small warning from me; the readers may get nightmares after reading this. Happy reading.

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