Sita’s Sister; A rollercoaster ride of emotions

Sita’s Sister; A rollercoaster ride of emotions


Sita’s Sister by Kavita Kane is a marvelous piece of work. This is how my brother introduced this book to me. I love to listen to mythological stories but never read them before. But I really thank him for that. “Sita’s Sisters” is not just a book but a roller-coaster ride of emotions. After few chapters I couldn’t go ahead as I was unable to read it. Because whenever I tried to read I used to feel a lump in my throat. So thanks to my brother who read the other half of the book to me and yes, I saw him stuck in between with wet eyes. Such a beautifully narrated book!

After reading this book, I got to know few things which we have never heard or read before. I have read Ramayan before but never come across the unspoken story of Kaikayi. The author needs a special praise for handling the character Kaikeyi in such a beautiful way.

The Plot of Sita’s Sister

This book is about the 4 sisters and their bonding. It’s about the 4 brothers and their love and respect for each other. It’s about a family who deals their difficult circumstances with the utmost strength. It’s about a girl who sees everything with a different point of view. A girl who knows the consequences marrying a man who’s bound towards his responsibility and dedication, still marry him for her love. A girl who tries to bind his family… A girl who have the courage to face the circumstances… And that girl is Sita’s Sisters “Urmila”.

We have heard so many things about Sita but never thought of Urmila. What kind of pain she must have felt! What kind of days she must have gone through when her husband was not around for the long 14 years! After reading this book I can only say that I’d love to be Sita’s Sisters “an Urmila” rather than being Sita.

About The Author

Kavita Kane is an Indian author and has 4 books to her credit; Karna’s Wife, Sita’s Sister, Menaka’s Choice and Lanka’s Princess. All her books are mythology-fictions, where she beautifully picked the feminine characters to narrate the epics in a new light. I simply can’t stop admiring the way she handles the characters in her novel. She is definitely one of the finest female authors of India.


This book is for everyone…specially the girls. I’d request all the beautiful girls to read this book at least once. There are so many things to learn from this book which we can use in our routine life.

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