The face/off #welcomeback of Maggi 2 minute noodles

The face/off #welcomeback of Maggi 2 minute noodles

On 9th November 2015, Nestle takes a breath of relief when its instant noodle “Maggi 2- minutes” is back to market after a gap of 5 months. It has the same packaging and same taste; and trust…well just like its tag line, it gained the instant trust from the people by large. Though, in the last five months the competitors of Maggi leave no stones upturned to increase their popularity but it seems the fans of Maggi are simply waiting for it to comeback to market. At least that is what it seems when you open up the twitter; “#WelcomeBackMaggi” is trending on the top.

During the controversy period, along with Maggi its brand ambassadors like Amitabh Bacchan and Madhuri Dixit also been dragged to court. So, will they continue to be the brand ambassador of Maggi? If not who will be the next brand ambassador of Maggi?

Will WelcomeBack Maggi sustain in market?

#WelcomeBack MaggiThis is the print media advertisement of Maggi. Is it intentionally they covered the face of the model?

Another difference in this advertisement and the prior advertisement is; the change in target market! The earlier advertisements always used to target the kids, teens and their mothers but now it seems they are targeting the youths and office going guys! Do they still fear that, after such controversy the mothers may not trust the brand as they used to?  After all, it is a question of the safety of their kids. is not criticizing or doing any sort of marketing campaign for Maggi. It simply put up the facts and considers this as a case study of Indian Market. Is it a trust base market or loyalty base market?

Wait for more interesting Facts!

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