The Road Ahead to my new India – Digital India

The Road Ahead to my new India – Digital India


India is changing; India is growing and India is becoming Digital India. The esteemed Digital India concept is now not a mere mission statement by PM Narendra Modi; but it becomes the growth story for Indian Economy. India is growing with its Technology, Infrastructure as well as with its development of public and Education system.

In the older days, when internet was an alien concept to us; we barely trusted it. But with time, everything changed. Now, we trust the web world much more than anything. We become more efficient in the presence of e-commerce websites, mobile applications for banking transactions and the payment gateways, in our life. These tools become such a part of our lives that we feel handicap when we are not connected with the digital world and these tools.

Entrepreneurship and Digital India

The dictionary meaning of Entrepreneur is, “a person who organizes and manages any business.” Well, going by that definition we all are entrepreneur by nature! Because each one of us, irrespective of our gender; we organize our day to day business efficiently. We understand the need of ours & people who are close to us; we analyze the problems faced by all of us and we do our best to solve the situation. Now, that’s what an entrepreneur exactly does! So, this entrepreneur nature that’s there in each of us becomes our guiding force in serving the society as a whole. Now, every business needs to reach at its audience, have some leads, targets and goals. In today’s digital world; the tool called Social Media helps us in achieving these business needs.

Social media helps entrepreneurs to Build Business

We are already a part of these Make in India and Digital India concept. So, why cannot we build a Digital India by turning our own entrepreneurial skills to a good account! We should increase our digital skills; we should connect with these digital technologies through the social channels. We are serving the community and society since more than decades. But we still remain unnoticed! Every Indian company is growing their business through their web portals. Although, they are not much efficient in showcasing their true strength! So we need to challenge the world by increasing our digital connectivity.

How it will benefit us:

  • It will Increase our organizational & corporate communication skills & process
  • It will help to increase our Online Reputation
  • To make ease of corporate and self-branding
  • Industry and Organizational involvements
  • It will help to increase the reach to the targeted audience
  • It will give us knowledge, update about the current trends and topics
  • It will help to improve in our public relation activities
  • Buy & sell products and increase business through digital marketing techniques

Today, everyone is using smart phone; everyone is active in Facebook, so let us increase our connectivity through some professional and viral networks like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter etc. Be active in corporate digital communications through content like videos, text and images.

Hope this article will help you to understand about the Digital Trends, we will come with more interesting topics and stories of your choice soon! 🙂

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