Valentines Day triangle: Love-Marriage-Suicide

Valentines Day triangle: Love-Marriage-Suicide


Valentine’s Day is around. The day spells two things which are quite contradictory to each other.

Obviously, the first among those two is, “Love”. On this day people express their love and cherish the success of their love being accepted by their sweethearts. But this article is about the second issue, which is more important between the two; “Suicide”. As we normally read in the newspaper, somebody choose to take his/her own life simply because they failed in love.

Does love realizes with marriages or suicide?

I don’t want to start a conversation about the realization of love. No one knows the beginning and the end of love. The poet says,

Mohabbat se bani zindegi,
Mohabbat me hi khatam ho jaati hai,
Na haq tera hai, na haq mera hai,
Bas chand naam hi shaamil hai!


I am not a philosopher or not a guru of love. I am an average student of the subject called “Love”. My understanding of love is to give a rose to your girlfriend or give a necklace to fulfill your wife’s demand or give birth to a child or fulfill your parents’ wishes or something else. But true love should be something that happens without any intention and it should be unconditional.

But love is blind; at least that is what the youngsters understand by watching numerous romantic Bollywood movies. So the younger generation immediately comes to any conclusion to realize their love either into marriage or suicide! And beside that there is also a set of sick minded people who turn to violence by throwing acid on the face of their so called lovers or doing things worse than that.

End of love is not the end of life

Somewhere I heard that the end of love is not the end of life. Also love is not made with an intention of gain or loses. Remember, “Sahibaa, Pyar Me Souda Nahi”, the dialogue from the movie “Bobby”? It’s an eternal feeling gifted by God to make your life more beautiful. It inspires and gives a new reason in every step to live life in a different way.

End of love is not the end of life

Anyway, let me come to the core issue for which I am writing this article. This article is meant for those people who attempted suicide because of their unsuccessful love affair; some of them got a second chance as their suicide attempt is also become unsuccessful; and some of them left this beautiful world & the beautiful people who wanted them in their life.

Why Am I writing this article today about love?

My editor asked me this question and he was quite surprised listening to my answer. Today morning one of my team members shared me a story of her friend who committed suicide because a girl did not reciprocate to his love. The boy took this so seriously that he decided to quit his life; strangely he never gave a second thought about those people who are already in love with him; his friends and family members.

Why the youngster attempts suicide for those loves which were started for some reason and ended without any reason? And they never realize that there are some other people who love them a lot.

Dil banaya kisine, dil churaya kisine,
Kehne wale kehte rehgaye,
Dekhne waale dekhte rehgaye,
Dil gawaya humne aur dil mitaya humne,
Roone wale rooke chale gaye,
hansne waale hanste rehgaye,
Apne hame dhoondte rahen,
aur paraye hame baazar me nilaam kargaye!


This Valentine Day, think twice before you take any drastic step. Love is not all about running around trees with the girl or boy of your choice; love is eternal.


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