We might need a Dream Interpreter to understand it

We might need a Dream Interpreter to understand it

On the face the dreams may look strange, weird and peculiar but on the whole they always carry some deep meaning. All we need to do is; understand and decode it. That is what I have been told! We might need a Dream Interpreter to understand it. Here is my strange dream; I hope someone can decipher it.

The Dream

A man with broad shoulder was sitting on a rock. He was wearing a cream colored silk dhoti and another piece of silk garment covered his upper body. A strange bluish colored light was coming out of his face. He sits absolutely in a calm and peaceful posture. There was another man standing in front of him with folded hands. He was around 7 feet tall, has a broad physique and with his broad moustache, he looks very royal and handsome. His eyes were moist with tears. He was apologizing to the man in front of him. He was repeatedly saying sorry. “I am sorry, I failed in it.”

Sri Ram with red lipsThe man who sits on the rock looks absolutely calm and has a consistent smile is being played on his lips. But there is also a question in his eyes. As if he was trying to gauge the reason of his guilt. The man answered in a shaky voice, “I am sorry. I tried my best but could not control it.”

While he was saying it; two more heads started budding out on either side of his original head. That makes him a man with five heads. All the heads are alike. They all carry the remorse look except for the fifth one. The last and the fifth head; it looks proud enough and has a look of vengeance in its eyes. The original head continued, “I tried seeing the reason in your words; I tried killing the negativity in my head; and I succeed up to an extent. Four of my heads understood and started behaving rationally but…the fifth head is not under my control. It does not listen to me.” He could not control his tears any more.

Before he gets any reply from his savior, he pulls the sword from his scabbard tied to his waist. He held it on his both hands as if offering it to the person sitting in front of him. Then he slowly said, “Please, I need your help. I need to get rid of my negativity. Please take this and cut this fifth arrogant head of mine. I beg you. Please save me.” And he started crying.

Interpretation of the Dream

What this dream mean? I am sure; the two persons I saw in the dream are Ram and Ravana. But why the demon King has only five heads rather than the 10 heads as written in the sacred books? Why I saw the demon king pleading apology? And why the four heads agreed to shed away the negativity but not the fifth one? Or the whole dream is just an outburst of my wild mind?

I hope someone can interpret my dream.

Dreams are treasures; weave inside mind;
Dreams are for ever; born out of wild mind;
I don’t know their meaning;
I don’t know why they exist;
But my dreams for sure have their own beautiful mind.

Dreams are so big; they outgrow the mind;
Dreams are so strong; they subdue the mind;
I don’t know their meaning;
I don’t know why they exist;
But you need to change it; if they don’t scare your mind!

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