Where will you find such a place, where every woman is addressed as “Maa”!

Where will you find such a place, where every woman is addressed as “Maa”!

People influence you with their words, with their appearance and with their thoughts. It does not matter, if you know them well or you just met them for the first time. I too face such a scenario in my life. I am sharing my experience of a social get-together that led me to admire a person; to whom I met for the first time.

I am not a social person, especially when it’s related to politics or any community. But last year thanks to Mr. Suraj Chaudhari and Mr. Vijay Padhy; I attended a function organized by BJP Mumbai Odia Cell. We went to the venue and honestly, I was getting bored as usual. Then a beautiful lady came to the stage wearing a white dress and holding a microphone on her hand. She addressed everyone in a very professional manner and lastly she asked all the Odia people to say something. She encouraged us to say anything or share any opinion or give any suggestions. People came and said all the things possible for them. What we can do and what we are not doing, how we the Odia people normally try to avoid other fellow Odia person, how we switch to Hindi or any other language while dealing with other Odia people. How we Odias don’t try to teach our children “The Odia” language and so on and so forth.

The woman speaks pure odia language

People came in and went by. But before the chief guests arrive, there came a beautiful lady wearing a sky-blue saree with a matching bindi on her forehead. For some reason she was center of attraction for few of the members of the cell and for me too. May be, for me she was looking like Usha Utthap ji and I thought she must be a South Indian or a Bangoli. I thought she must be a leading member of the cell or some kind of VIP. And then few minutes after she took the stage, she started speaking in a loving voice; to my astonishment, she spoke in pure Odia language. And what a command she had over the language! She is not an Odia yet she spoke beautifully. And everything which came out from her voice was so good and striking for my ears. Mind you, I’m not a person who easily gets impress that too in the first meet. But I was totally a fan of her by the time she ended her speech. I just couldn’t wait till the function ends. I instantly went to her and I said, “Ma’am, you’re beautiful and I loved the way you spoke in Odia that too in such a beautiful manner”. I wish I could speak the way you are speaking. You’re awesome.” Then my brother-in-law, Mr. Suraj Chaudhari who is an active member of the cell; introduced us to her and it went till she left the venue. She is none other than this gorgeous Gujrati lady Smt. Neela Soni, who’s born at Odisha and who’s a pure “Odiani”, that’s what she calls herself. And she has a beautiful heart too. Thank you so much Ma’am. You might have forgotten few things which you had said on that day but for few people like me you still left a mark in our heart & mind. I still remember the words she said:

“where will you find such a place, where every women is addressed as “Maa”, be it a baby or a young lady or an elderly lady, even the rickshaw pullers will address you like this.

And yes that’s true, that day only I realized it. Thank you so much Ma’am.

I Met with a famous Odiya movie star

That day, I interact with several other prominent Odia persons like Mr. Srikant Padhi, an advocate by profession who did a lot of good works for Odia community. I also met Mr. Sunil Kumar, the famous Odia movie star. He is such a humble and ground to earth person. I still remember how some of my fellow Odia girls react to his star power but he shows no sign of his star ego. He interacted with us like a family friend. And how can I not mention about Mr. Suraj Chaudhari, the vice-president of “Shraddha Group of Socities and Shops”. He is a gentleman to the core of his heart, a prominent member of the Odia cell, most popular guy in the circle and of course he is my brother-in-law. I can never thank enough to Mr. Suraj Chaudhari for taking me to that function.

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