Who is Independent & Who is celebrating Independence Day?

Who is Independent & Who is celebrating Independence Day?


Happy Independence Day. Vande Mataram and Salute to the Spirit of Freedom.

15th August as we know is a great event for India and Indians; irrespective of their creed, caste and religion. The whole Nation is celebrating the day with lots of enthusiasm. I don’t want to write more about the Independence Day and why it is celebrated, because everyone is aware of the facts related to freedom fight of India and about the kind of struggle our forefathers endure to get the Freedom from the clutch of British Empire.

So, does this article talk about Independence Day?

Well, here I simply want to express my thoughts about who is independent in India and why it is being celebrated?

Every year on this day, we recite the National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana” to express the feeling of patriotism. Each one of has our reasons to sing the anthem.

The politicians sing this song for expressing their leadership. Celebrity celebrates this song for fame. The Government officials celebrate this festival as a part of their duty. Youths celebrates this to get independence from the hard struggle and frustrated life. Even I was planning to take a selfie along with the tricolor flag and post it on social media to get good numbers of likes and comments.

But before I execute my plan, I saw these two beautiful kids beautifully singing this anthem in the local train. They are simply singing it to get freedom from their hunger.

Jana Gana Mana for Hunger!
These two kids begging money in Mumbai Local Train while singing the National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana” between Diva to Kalva.

70 years back, we got our independence from British but even today we are not completely independent. We are yet to get rid of the bigger oppressors of our life; the hunger, the corruption and the hatred feelings for others. I wish and hope to see a day soon when we will be celebrating the freedom from these basic evils. Till then, I will keep asking everybody the same question “Who is Independent, and who is celebrating Independence Day?”

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